If you have not decided to give your business a chance online, then you should start now. Over the years, online advertisements have been on the rise because of the continued increase in online visitors.

Online advertisement like free advertising site in Nigeria among others is projected to overtake the print media advertisement. Therefore, if you still believe online advertising is a waste of time and resources, then it is time you change your perception. Here is a breakdown of reasons why online advertisement should be your best choice for your business.


Identify the ad that brought the highest number of leads. During the ads, how many impressions worked? When and why these impressions were served. Know your most preferred channels, copy of the ad and location of the ad. The metrics and various analytics have been put online to help you determine the cost of acquiring and retaining a customer.

The insights available from a free advertising site in Nigeria will help you become a better and more effective marketer. In the beginning, marketers will hardly have data, however, with time, they will have more than enough data which is a good problem to have.


Understand the profile of your perfect kind of customer. Online is a good platform to search and identify your ideal customer. After your first engagement with a customer, you will need to retarget your customer.

Once you understand the characteristics of your perfect customer, you will understand where to find similar customers. Online ads also offer you a chance to target specific customers based on gender, age or even location. Through this, you will ensure your message reaches the right place at the right time.


There is a perception out there that online is a place full of poor quality content. This was the case in the past because of insufficient competition. Look at the videos used for online advertisement today, they are of high clarity and highly engaging videos.

The use of in-banner video ads and animations has gained popularity among marketers. To know if one of your ads are underperforming, use A/B copy test. Ensure that your banner app is as creative as possible.

Brand Awareness

Through online advertisements, you can increase traffic to your site. An effective online campaign can create brand influencers. SEO is key when it comes to an online advertisement. Look for companies that offer good SEO on their website.


Online campaigns provide the flexibility given by few advertisement platforms. Similarly, you get the ability to bring down non-performing campaigns or adjust your method in minutes. You have the ability to stay in front of your customers and adjust to their needs. Scale

As an online marketer, you have a chance to coordinate online providers. An agency should be your last resort, self-service is the way to go. Come up with your own ad, choose your budget, scale and optimize accordingly depending on your needs.


Compared to other marketing platforms, digital channels are highly cost-effective. Rates depend on ad size, demand, performance, and location. Traditional offline channels such as print media, radio, and television are expensive compared to digital media. Furthermore, traditional offline ads do not provide space for adjustment.


People are moving away from TV to their computers for their favorite shows. As a marketer, know the pattern of most of your customers. Be on your computer when they are online. There is no restriction when it comes to online marketing, you have direct access to the global audience.